Video Storytelling

“Valerie is an excellent film director. Her method of relational filmmaking works because of her skills in making real connections with the people she is filming.”

–Martha Howard
Medical Director, Wellness Associates of Chicago

crowd filming video with smartphone

It has to be “sticky.” The world is a noisy place today. In order for your message to cut through the chatter and truly reach your target customers, your brand’s video message has to be powerful, shareable and memorable.

As an award-winning documentary filmmaker with over 30 years of experience, Valerie uses the art of visual storytelling to create video that powerfully expresses your brand’s story and vision to your customers. With an understanding of your audience and your vision, she will masterfully create powerful videos for many situations:

  • Attracting new clients
  • Communicating a new vision or mission
  • Building a deeper connection between your customers and your brand

Create a Lasting Impression

Reach out today to learn how Valerie can tell your brand’s story and attract new customers by reaching them on a personal level.