Test Your Conflict to Possibility Knowledge

    Test your conflict to possibility knowledge with this fun, deceptively simple, six-question quiz. As you take the quiz, speculate what both Nobel Peace Prize winners and Former Gang Leaders might have said in common to each question.

    1. Peace is:

    Choose an AnswerStable, once establishedFleetingToo cumbersome to bother withA process

    2. Conflict is

    Choose an AnswerA problem to be solvedInevitableAn opportunityUnavoidable in large families

    3. Peace is:

    Choose an AnswerA state of mindA creative actImpossibleA walk in the woods

    4. When there is conflict between myself and another:

    Choose an AnswerKeep the dialogue goingTake a cool-off periodHire a mediatorThe loudest person wins

    5. When experiencing conflict, seeing the other person's side...

    Choose an AnswerSeems weakConfuses the issueProvides the path to peaceSomething to try if all else fails

    6. Possibility is the result of:

    Choose an AnswerThinkingHaving an open heartMy fistMy feet walking away

    That's it! Submit your answers to find out how your answers matched to those of Nobel Laureates and former gang leaders!