“Valerie is a great speaker as well as a great workshop leader. Anyone who works with people in teams, or interacts with family or community would benefit from this course. It provides a perspective that unites people in a way that promotes a powerful connection and ultimately moves things forward.”

–Judy Aburmishan
COO, Mona Comedy, Inc.

blocked road

Do you find yourself struggling with problems in a business relationship? Unable to move past roadblocks with your fellow board members or work teams? Locked in an ongoing conflict with family?

When things are simple, they just flow: the group agrees quickly and executes well. But when these same teams or organizations find themselves tackling multi-pronged, complex, or emotionally-laden problems, things don’t just slow down, they STOP.

Many groups, particularly in situations where the stakes are high and team members are passionate, will find themselves at these impasses again, and again, and again.

Break the Cycle

motivational speech

Drawing on her experiences with Nobel Peace Laureates and former gang leaders, Valerie will empower your organization to address their conflicts by cutting to the root, guiding the group to transform their relationships with each other and create positive results. Discover how to transform the relationships between members of:

  • Businesses
  • Community & Volunteer Organizations
  • Church Committees & Faith Organizations
  • Non-Profit Boards
  • Families

Using lessons in addressing and overcoming conflict, Valerie will create an environment where your team will learn to let their guards down and see the perspectives across the table. Valerie’s motivational speech can take many forms, depending on the needs of your team:

  • Business Presentations (20-60 minutes)
  • Keynote Speeches (approximately 60 minutes)
  • Workshops & Training (from two hours to a full day)

If you’re considering an off-site venue to help shake your team out of their day-to-day and break through to a new level of teamwork, invite Valerie to speak with your group and facilitate simple but powerful exercises designed to help teams reach new levels.

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