About Valerie Mrak

Speaker | Coach | Storyteller

Valerie Mrak Motivational Speaker

Some people think of Valerie Mrak as a conflict resolution expert. But she’s not.

Valerie Mrak is a conflict transformation specialist, who takes exhausted, frustrated relationships and helps her clients transform them into productive partnerships. She helps teams and individuals go from inaction and infighting to action and creative collaboration.

She is a TEDx and international speaker, award-winning filmmaker and leadership coach who has empowered thousands across the globe to transform their business and personal relationships through creating possibility.

A bestselling author, she has been featured on radio and in publications such as the Chicago Tribune, and has more than a dozen years’ experience coaching, speaking and training.

Valerie has worked with organizations like AT&T, The National Park Service, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Rotary International and PBS.

She was named in “100 Women to Watch” by Today’s Chicago Woman magazine.

A life-changing conversation with the Dalai Lama lead her to a commitment to transform the conflict in her own life and master the principles of peace. She has interviewed six winners of the Nobel Peace Prize as well as many former gang leaders. As a result, she discovered the secrets of how to find the possibilities in impossible relationships.

Mrak lives with her husband, Michael, at the southern tip of Lake Michigan in the state of Indiana, USA.

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