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Results Coaching

“Valerie Mrak has unique and laser-like skills in listening for what are a person’s true goals. Through her coaching, it became crystal clear what my next actions were to move from the impossible to the doable, with ease.”

–Kathleen G.

Leadership Coaching

concerned business executive

You check your calendar, and a pit drops into your stomach. Your weekly one-on-one with Janelle is today, and you know it’s not going to go well. Like most of your interactions, it will most likely result in raised voices, talking past one other, and end with a tense détente. Janelle’s a great worker, with excellent potential, even, but you’re both wasting time and effort, pulling in different directions like this. You’ve got to get everyone in alignment, now.

Something’s got to change. But what?

With her insights garnered from lifelong work as a documentary filmmaker interviewing Nobel Peace Laureates and other world-reknowned leaders skilled in turning conflict to possibility, Valerie will use her inquisitive, probing style to systematically analyze the barriers that are keeping you from leading your team to success.

Through her process, Valerie will help you understand how to change your perspective and give you tools you can use to motivate your team, transform conflict to possibility, and lead them to success in many situations, including:

  • Difficulty leading or getting alignment with your team
  • Transforming conflict to possibility with a peer, manager or subordinate
  • Improving a working relationship with a board

Take Your Team to a New Level

Discover how to bring about a change for the better in your organization. Contact Valerie today to take the first step.

Effectiveness Coaching

lost in the wilderness

Do you feel as though you’re lost in the wilderness? If you’ve been through a life change, an unexpected development in your career path, or are struggling with family relationships, you may be feeling lost, strangely unsure of yourself, maybe even resentful, and wondering how to find your way back to the path.

You’re not alone. Many people reach these junctions in the course of their lives and find that a skilled outside perspective can help them chart a new course.

As an inquisitive, guiding, effectiveness coach, Valerie will take you on a journey into your own mind. There, you’ll discover the barriers to clarity that have been erected there, learn why they’re there, and see how to permanently tear them down. Then, you can liberate yourself to consider, free of prejudice, what your path forward looks like.

From discord within yourself to strife between family members or friends, conflict can take many forms. As a coach specializing in transforming conflict to possibility, you can expect Valerie’s thoughtful, introspective style to challenge you and help you embrace:

  • Life Changes
  • Family Relationships
  • Career Changes

Assess Your Leadership Strengths — and Weaknesses

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