Bridge From Conflict to Possibility

The Leader’s Overwhelm Self-Assessment Tool

For each of the statements below, select a number from 1-10 that indicates how strongly you agree with each statement. The higher the number, the more strongly the statement matches your feelings. Don’t think too hard about each question, answer quickly and honestly. The entire assessment should take you about five minutes to complete.

After you complete the assessment, hit Submit and you’ll immediately receive an email that provides details of each of the seven mindset traps and your score on each.

    I am uncomfortable letting people see any of my flaws.

    I am concerned about having a mentor or coach for fear that I will reveal how inadequate I really am.

    I've totally lost sight of why I'm doing what I'm doing.

    I'm concerned that things are done MY way.

    I feel like there is no victory in progress, only when something is completed.

    I can only do something if I know it will be done right.

    I don't want to try what's not already a proven way to do things.

    I can't show anyone I'm struggling or who I really am.

    My reputation is better than who I really am.

    The very idea of a vacation stresses me out.

    I am routinely doing what others could do or I could pay others to do.

    My frustration is greater than my passion.

    I am one decision away from my life falling apart.

    I no longer trust my decisions.

    I can't let people know when I don't think things are going to work out right.

    My To-Do list never gets to be a Done list.

    If I took a day off, my team would be lost.

    I don't have time for self-care…exercise, meditation, my family, etc.

    I have to get this right.

    I can't get started until I know how it's going to end.

    I have to do this project myself to get it done right.