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blocked road

Do you find yourself struggling with problems in a business relationship? Unable to move past roadblocks with your fellow board members or work teams? Locked in an ongoing conflict with family?

When things are simple, they just flow: the group agrees quickly and executes well. But when these same teams or organizations find themselves tackling multi-pronged, complex, or emotionally-laden problems, things don’t just slow down, they STOP.

Many groups, particularly in situations where the stakes are high and team members are passionate, will find themselves at these impasses again, and again, and again.

Break the cycle. Drawing on her experience with Nobel Peace Laureates, Valerie will empower your organization to address their conflicts by cutting to the root, guiding the group to transform their relationships with each other and create positive results. Discover how to transform the relationships between members of:

  • Business Organizations
  • Community and Volunteer Groups
  • Non-Profit Boards
  • Families

Featured Video Clips

What it Means to “Concede”

Insights on Peace from a Former Gang Leader

External Peace vs. Internal Peace

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If you’re interested in hosting a workshop to help your group learn how to transform the way that they work with and relate to each other, contact Valerie today, and discover your path from conflict to possibility.